Skills Development in the 21st Century

Skills Development in the 21st Century

cashSkylab Learning provides game-based training and skills development programs across a variety of industries.

Our goal is to help companies increase employee retention and career advancement while reducing costs associated with hiring and training.

Our mission is to make learning relevant and engaging for a diverse population of adult learners as they explore opportunities to participate and succeed in the 21st global economy.

Our literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and English language skills development programs support acquisition of job- and industry-specific knowledge through cost-effective and engaging programs deployed in the workplace.

Programs are designed to support workers at multiple levels in manufacturing, technical, food service, hospitality, home healthcare, and retail sectors.

We combine digital games played on smartphones and tablets with weekly instructional sessions where employees play more traditional games and complete activities to strengthen target skills development.

We aim to help businesses better train and prepare their workforce for critical front-line services and back-end systems.  Through industry-specific programs to improve face-to-face customer service, call center support, order processing, and other human-powered business functions, our goal is to help businesses succeed and compete with skilled teams in the global economy.

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