Today’s Workforce Challenges


Hiring, training, and retaining skilled workers are big challenges in key industries, especially food service, hospitality, retail, and health care services.

At the same time, more than 38 million Americans struggle to develop skills and find jobs that lead to meaningful careers.

If an employee feels his or her employer does not take an active role in his or her advancement, motivation to perform for the company is greatly reduced.

The costs of employee training and turnover present challenges for companies, resulting in large losses and inefficient production. According to the Bureau of National Affairs, $11 billion is lost annually to employee turnover in U.S. companies.

Corporate training products and services are rapidly becoming obsolete as new technologies and techniques emerge to catalyze innovation in the space.  This gap results in inefficiencies and loss of production during the time it takes for a new employee to fully learn his or her new role.

Taken together these issues create substantial losses for businesses both big and small. If ignored, dissatisfaction from employees and customers occurs.

By investing in employees, companies can reduce these challenges and create a more efficient and profitable company.