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The Good Jobs Strategy

We are big fans of Zeynep Ton, an adjunct professor and research at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and her Good Jobs Strategy. In this brief 2013 TEDx Cambridge presentation, Ton describes the tensions she’s seen between a retailer’s ability to offer customers low prices while providing good jobs for

Reducing Turnover, Reducing Costs

In 2012, the Center for American Progress released a study looking at the cost of turnover within corporations.  The research revealed the extreme costs that companies are taking upon themselves when they lose an employee. The article explains, “Among positions earning $30,000 or less, which includes more than half of

Game-Based Training

“Gamification” is one of those buzzwords that’s become ubiquitous in all kinds of educational, professional development, and marketing circles. And, frankly, it makes us twitch. It’s an unfortunately dangerous concept because it often ignores key design and learning principles and results in superficial “game-like” experiences that look more like jazzed-up