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    Our Conscious Commitment

    We're building a new kind of technology business the old-fashioned way — by focusing on people.
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    The Good Jobs Strategy

    Better trained employees provide better customer service
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    Workforce Development in Key Industries

    Restaurants — Hospitality — Retail — Home Health Care — Manufacturing — Building and Janitorial Services — IT/Technical
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Our Conscious Commitment

As a young company, we’re constantly quizzed about what we produce, how we make money, who we’re working with, where we intend to go — the standard battery of questions potential customers, partners, advisors, and investors ask to size us up. We’re equally good at both the 15-second elevator pitch and the multi-hour due

For Labor Days to Come

It’s Labor Day weekend, a celebration of the workforce that drives the U.S. economy. And, as much as things have changed since it became a federal holiday in 1894, Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, Co- Founder of EdTechXGlobal predicts more is on the way, suggesting that 50% of current jobs won’t exist in

A Two-Way Street

Current discussions in the political arena frequently focus on the jobs the U.S. has lost in recent decades. Regardless of whether current and future economic policies can bring those jobs back to the U.S., it will remain true that our economy is now based on information and service. Jobs in these sectors